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Why Using Calamine Lotion as a Makeup Primer Is a Bad Idea, Dermatologists Say

Sure, that humble pink lotion that become as soon as dabbed onto your chickenpox, mosquito bites, or burned pores and skin after too many hours within the solar — ah, fond childhood memories. Now, it’s trending as the closing pre-makeup primer, pimples scar treatment, and spf product, multi function. On tiktok, fanatics of the hack, like @therealembree, unfold a skinny layer on their face (the usage of bare arms or a brush), permit it dry, then apply basis for a matte, ideal look that lasts all day. The exercise has been round for years, but makeup artist @tiasamudda is credited with taking it viral, as she frequently indicates her face slathered in calamine lotion earlier than including makeup. “my face, my desire,” she tells visitors in a single video from july 18 with extra than 1. Four million views. Others have followed suit. “10/10 would recommend,” says @brittanybowmann1, highlighting her nonetheless-sparkling basis after a complete day of work. “this is gold proper right here,” remarks @official_lady_venom, an initial skeptic. To this point, the #calominelotion hashtag has been regarded more than 20 million instances. At handiest $five according to bottle to your nearby drugstore, it looks as if a small price to pay for a porcelain-like end. However it’s elevating a few eyebrows within the scientific community. “this is not an extended-time period every day solution,” dermatologist @drwhitneybowe says on tiktok. We asked two experts for their mind on the tiktok fashion, as well as for his or her make-up-priming product hints to do not forget as a substitute.

Calamine as a makeup primer

Dr. Sherber advises warning when trying merchandise in a way that’s distinct than how they’re meant, consisting of the usage of calamine as a makeup primer. “overuse of astringents, inclusive of calamine lotion, can dry out the pores and skin,” she says. “people with extremely oily skin may not broaden difficult dryness, however people with less oily skin sorts could disrupt their skin barrier with the aid of attempting this hack.”

your pores and skin barrier, while intact, allows shield your body in opposition to irritants, pollutants, and allergens, says a study posted in the indian magazine of medical research in 2018. “when the pores and skin barrier is broken, skin can be extra prone to inflammation, infection, and dehydration. This can worsen dryness, eczema, pimples, rosacea, and other inflammatory skin conditions,” she says. Traditional calamine lotion is likewise quite fragranced (until you purchase the unscented kind), so if your skin does not do nicely with fragrant products, you might want to influence clean, provides sherber.

Calamine as a Treatment for Acne Scars

We’d love to suppose that the trusty crimson stuff can assist with zits scars, as reported on tiktok, but experts say that is some other no-go. “i don’t see any element in calamine lotion that might assist with the restore of zits scarring, besides phenol,” says melanie palm, md, a board-certified dermatologist at art of skin md in solana seaside, california. Studies supports this view, like a observe posted in clinical, cosmetic, and investigational dermatology in 2022 that notes that phenol is an effective element in chemical peels to reduce scarring. That said, dr. Palm does no longer endorse using phenol each day. “this would no longer be an amazing concept for endured use on individuals with sensitive or dry pores and skin. Phenol should not be used for lengthy intervals of time, and it isn’t indicated throughout being pregnant or breastfeeding,” she says. If you have an existing skin circumstance, palm says to workout warning with calamine lotion. “phenol is a sturdy peeling element,” she explains. “it may likely get worse pores and skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis.”

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