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Hi, I am Emma Ani, I am a twenty-three-year-old influencer, and I live with my parents in Texas City. Pretty much I have spent my entire life in Texas eating, exploring, and experimenting. I have mad respect for people who manage college with hobbies. I am hugely invested in home décor, my main motto is to try out different combos like green curtains with white sofas, and this look is ecstasy. I usually spend my prime years decorating my house and trying out different looks. I also have an adequate amount of curiosity about clothes, handbags, shoes, and silver jewelry. Since I was eleven I used to get selected for school fashion shows. I think I am also a cosmoholic. I am here to lend a hand to you guys and save you from the bedraggled arrangement of household items. My favorite color is white that’s why you can see my blog in the color white. I will also introduce you to trendy home décor ideas. One thing you all should keep in mind is that “As we evolve our homes should too”. So in order to understand this evolving process hop onto this fun rollercoaster.